Saturday, October 16, 2010

My Crafting Magazines for Sale at DragonflyzDreams on Bonanza

My friend Dani, of  EaglesWings has commented on my previous post and I should let you know I am selling crafting items in my Bonanza Store, DragonflyzDreams. I started this store for ONLY crafting items.  I do wonder the best way to sell  my magazines to recoup some of my money as I will never get to browse through all of them. So many folks save magazine for years that they subscribe to (as I do) and they finally they decide to let them go and recycle them by donating to charities organizations.  

I have so many that I have purchased at Thrifts and Charity Stores.

I have vintage crafting magazines of all kinds to help me learn the craft or for re-sell and share with others.
Here is just a samples of what I have:
Crochet and Knit
General Crafting

 I also have newer magazines of mainly home decorating for inspiration and scrap booking.
Coastal Living
Country Living
Southern Living
Martha Stewart

I have started my DragonflyzDreams Bonanza store for crafting items. Maybe I should look into Yardseller, Thanks for the idea!

I am also signed up  for the EZ Craft Show  under ByLightOfMoon, the name I sell handcrafted items on Etsy
I will be selling crafting supplies here. The show will be active  November 3-17, 2010. Why don't you also sign up to sell at the Craft Show too if you are interested?

Smiles, Cyndi  

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Welcome to 10-10-10 We are Downsizing , Questions I have on merchandise to relocate

yes, October 10, 2010!

Today is Sunday so Happy Blessings to you.  I am trying to sell much of my items in my home and garage I have gathered over the past few years from auctions, estate sales, charity stores, yard sales , etc.  that I gathered for re-sale. Some I have even purchased NEW from vendors and Store Sales.

I am looking to down-size and I may auction what I do not sell to the highest bidder.

Would you like to buy Lots of my magazines, shipped  in the flat rate boxes or UPS or purchase them individually? Many are Vintage and Out of Print or Past Issues

My china and breakables, the same, one piece or buy the Lot of several Shipped UPS?
Linens, Sheets, Shabby Shams, Nursery, Bed Skirts, Placemats,
Crochet Squares, Vintage crochet Threads Spools,
Fabrics, Trims, Ribbons,
Candles and Candlesticks
Games and Puzzles,Game Pieces for crafting
Many more items!

I also have Many craft items I have collected to make Items and have never had time.
I just don't know where to start, I am organizing now and will need to move it fast.

Thanks for your opinions,
Smiles, Cyndi

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Welcome to our 2nd Annual Renaissance Faire on Bonanzle!

Welcome to our 2nd Annual Renaissance Faire on Bonanzle!

 Use our Coupon code " renfaire" in any participating shop and enjoy the fall air and leaves falling!  Look around at the gypsy wagons and enjoy the special foods made for you as you wander.

In frstyfrolk's Boutique; Look, Home and Garden Items! 

I hope you find just the items you are looking for. I have some beautiful Bohomenian Muffin Dishes for your berry fruit breads and to use with your Weiss Art Australian Animal place mats.  The Kookaburra and Kangaroo may "Light up the World Globes" of Light with love and maybe a Tin State Plate Clock will adorn your own wagon or home.   We also have a Capitol Dominoes Game and your choice of two little tiny perfect Boho Bag's for the special event you are to attend. Entertain your children with a VHS Fairy Tale and invite Strawberry Shortcake to attend also. There is a Martha Stewart Wedding Planner with a vintage Jukebox Cologne.
Send your friends a Chocolate Chip cookie hand -written note and magnet to show your friendship wear the warm crochet booties on your feet. A Dragonfly Easel can hang in your boudoir or be refrigerator magnet to encourage your journey.
I "Envy" the book readers with Sandra Brown and  I wear my " Shaky Rhinestone Skeleton" pin on my Hat and/or Jacket and I have several to share so get your Crayola Paw Print 's and lets go write on the sidewalks with your color books.

We can also go see DragonflyzDreams and get some vintage fun patterns to make dolls, bunnies, and angels along with felted satchels and purses.

Have a FaBouLous  Visit among the Second Annual Bonanza Renaissance Faire!

Check each store for their coupon codes discounts! 
Smiles, Cyndi

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pratical Magic Blog Party

Practical Magic Blog Party Postings

Please visit the Site Blog for the list of participants in the fun blog posting on September 25, 2010. I just read the book and saw the movie and I was enchanted the whole way!

What a fun way to get your Halloween and Magic flowing! You may find many fun and exciting blog posts and authors!


Saturday, September 25, 2010

My Bonanza Shop, frstyfrolk's Boutique


This is a sampling of the merchandise at frstyfrolk's Boutique on Bonanzle, or Bonanza as they just changed their name. Please message me if you have any questions. I am happy to ship ASAP and answer any questions.

Official PayPal Seal

I am PayPal verified and have had fabulous customers and  made them friends! 
Smiles, Cyndi


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Auction Finds!

I found this awesome vintage dresser at my auction house last weekend. It even has a tilt mirror! I waxed it up in my driveway before I took it to my consignment booth and I had to use my big umbrella for some shade because it was so hot outside.

I also got two black bookcase shelves and added a whole new look to my walk -in consignment in Alabaster, AL at the Blue House.

I still have to make time to list my many items on Bonanzle and Etsy next week. Time is going to be my new premium priority for myself.

The green chair was also an auction item a year or so ago that I just got. It was a bleached out orange from the 60's or 70's I believe and I hate that I did not take a before photo but I painted it with the Hunter Green Krylon Fusion paint for Plastics. It worked wonders for that old ugly chair. I used to have some chairs like this and as we say, what goes around, comes around again.

I lost another paragraph with this new blogger addition to the edited version added last week sometime. The same thing happened to me on my ByLightOfMoon blog. Darn it!

I was saying I have also added many of my new excess candle collection to be for sale as I have no storage room for them anymore. I am clearing my house so hopefully we can move to the river and I can't take it all. I don't want it all, I want to get simple and easy to clean.

Thanks for stopping by and please leave a comment on your selling booths or sites.

Smiles, Cyndi


Saturday, August 21, 2010


Look at this fabulous china I found discontinued from Rosie B. Farmer collection of old barkcloth patterns, muffin plates with covers, sugar and creamer, pitcher, etc.

I just adore them but I got several and can share a few with you.

Just email me at for selling information.

Smiles, Cyndi

Friday, July 30, 2010

Mary Janes Farmgirl, Sherry Jespersen - High Plains Prose

I have to share this fabulous blog from Mary Jane's Farmgirls, "Shery Jespersen" is the most awesome writer and I was in anticipation of the next word as I read her blog about " Flower Fairies"! She writes in High Plains Prose and I cannot wait until her next post.

I do think I even need to return and read it slowley again! And the images and photos are just enchanting!

Smiles, Cyndi

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Beware of Facebook Marketplace Scammers

I received several of these emails since the weekend when I listed some items in Facebook Marketplace. Please beware fo these if you receive one.

==> Facebook User commented:

"Hello,i am interested to buy your item,is it still available?if yes.tell me the final asking price,and send me more pics via ( xx email address xx ) hope to read from you soon.Thanks"

==> View Your Listing and Respond

When I responded I got these identical emails:


thanks for your reply.i want you to give me the list of all the items you have for sale including their prices may be i will like to buy more of it.i agree to pay the amount you want as final asking price of the item.i am purchasing this item for my mode of payment is Cashier boss will include my commission and the shipping fees in your payment.that means the amount on the payment will be more than the item fees.then you must deduct your fees and send back the rest not worry your self about the shipment.i do have a private shipping company that will come and pick up the item at your address the next day you get the me the full name and address to send out the Check Payment.let me know if you understand that the amount that will be on the payment will be more than your item fees.i want you to close the advert right away.i will add extra $20 in your payment for doing that.let me know if you agree to deduct your fees and send back the left fund as my commission/shipping.make sure you email me the final asking price you want for the item in your reply.

Anyway below are the questions i have for you.

1)Is the item in good condition?

2)Can you make sure you get the Cashier Check cash at your bank in one business day and send the left fund the same day?

3)Do you agree to deduct your item fees and send back the left fund as my commission and shipping fees the day you get the payment?

4)Do you understand that the shipping company will come and pick the item at your address the next day you receive the payment?


Just beware of these!

Smiles, Cyndi

Monday, July 26, 2010

Encouraged to Clean out Clutter and Relocate!

I got very frustrated when editing a new listing and lost the whole thing, so I have been Lost at Selling Sites and not around listing new items for awhile. I really worked hard on "That Listing" with details and measurements and so from now on I will work my items up in word and then transfer to my store with photos so not to lose anything again!

I really am going now to start cleaning out my house so when my husband retires which he already has in our heads, just not officially. He has been on disability for a long time and not getting better so he will not return to work anytime soon that we see so we may as well start getting ready to move to a river which is our dream. A River and Shade trees so we may be outside more are the main requirements.

I would love a barn to work on my art in to be outside and shaded and cooler than the sun with no cover, maybe even a carport! Plein Air Art, I love that term! It means working outside like folks who paint what they see outside on a canvas. Well, maybe not a canvas for me and who know maybe so!  I am learning to go anywhere with what I feel. I even have the sewing machine out and an easel I found to use. I just want to be able to keep them up all the time and able to work with them at a thought's moment! Who doesn't really?

I really would love to find or build a log cabin with solar and a windmill as much as possible. Rain Barrels and Chains that drip with no gutters, I love to hear the rain. I sure do miss Seattle with the Mountains with the Sea in sight, just to look around. That really was paradise like North Carolina when Dog-sitting too. This is where I am river spoiled, hearing it breaking on the stones and the geese flying in overhead, magic in the air for sure!

So, I have my project! I am taking it seriously to really rid my possessions from my buying spurts for the last several years to try and re-sell at a small profit. I have not been very successful as much as I hate to admit it, but most of it has never been listed, and I just bought more all the time. That time has stopped! Well, a lot I hope. I cannot afford it anymore so I must just take a loss and sell as best I can.

I think selling boxes of items is better than just one by one for time reasons, my dear one has said he would help but I have not seen it yet and wonder if I ever will. Even with him being a good typist where I am not. He listed on Amazon where all you need is an ISBN number but that is not how I buy books and magazines and now Amazon sells everything so who knows. I usually go there to read what the publisher says about the books but I like to give as much information and photos as possible. That is what I like when I buy a book to read. But most of my books have been found at Thrift Stores so I never know what I will find. One day it may be many craft magazines, another day pet books. I will get everything as I am hooked on books.

I also find everything when shopping Thrift stores, I loved looking at linens, now and then I find a vintage apron or tablecloth, Name Brand Sheets that I figured I could use for crafting if they did not sell in the first place as listings separately. I love shabby chic and have many pillow shams also, some sets some individual but materials and linens that feel so nice to touch and see.

Even quilts I have found. The prices are up now so I will use what I have as cutter quilts and make what- nots with them. Since I have my sewing machine out! ( Grins) I have soap making equipment and intend on candle making also. Painting is another choice I am doing now and expanding. The trouble is every time I turn around a new product is out to learn about. Chalk painting is big in my mind and I have several items to use with it in mind.

Since I joined" Tip-Nut" and "How - to" Sites, there are so many ideas. I really love" Junk Market Style" as THAT is mainly me.
I save everything! Or, I should say I DID! Now, I am ridding myself of a lot of that stuff. It is stuff until I make something with it. Right! SO, I start making and ridding.... Green Light, GO!

Smiles, Cyndi

I have started at Bonanzle with
frstyfrolk's Dragonfly Dreams

and Etsy with Handmade items

 and Vintage
at frstyfrolk's Dragonfly Dreams

Dragonfly Dreams

This is another thing, I have way to many sites to keep up with.  frstyfrolk was my name back on AOL where I was a chat host for 9 years and I opened my first eBay store with that name and DragonflyDreams is my tax name so I added it also.

Then my first blog was ByLightOfMoon and my followers knew me by that name. I also wanted to open a shop with that name, so I did at etsy Handmade site.

Then I registered all three domain names plus my husbands MyShop4Pets site.

and I started facebook with all names.

Oh, so much chaos!

Smiles, Cyndi
while I go think awhile

Monday, May 10, 2010

New Artella Giveaway

Download a FREE copy of the Artella eBook, Peace by Piece: Collage Your Way to Inner Peace and Harmony. This workbook guides you through several collage projects, each one designed to bring you closer to your true self and your powerful ability for manifesting your dreams and desires. Download your copy here!

Get your free copy here, Piece by Piece, Collage your way to Inner Peace and Harmony!

The links have expired in this Piece by Piece book so here is another free ebook for you also, A two for One Day in ArtellaLand!

Download a FREE copy of the Artella eBook, Artella Mae's NEW Altered Ancestors!, a 58-page eBook overflowing with ideas and techniques for using vintage photos in your artwork. Download your copy here!

Smiles, Cyndi

I have a blog and Giveaway to share with you!

I have been visiting with Theresa Huse on her blog MsArtist's Mixed Media Playground. She journals and applies her memories as we all should with her daughter on making a faerie garden as well as she has been published in Somerset "Artful Blogging" issues. You will love meeting her, in fact she is giving away an "Artful Blogging" issue of the Somerset magazine which I love to collect. I don't have the journaling issues, what am I missing?

We can also win a blank journal to get ourselves started that Theresa has created for us. And Another fabulous gift, A signed Art Print of her's , how awesome is that?

I hope I win, but I want to share it with everyone. So, hop on over the MsArtist's Mixed Media Playground right now to enter yourself.

I hope you also with join my networked blog here and follow me on twitter and facebook. It seems we all have several places these days to promote our blogs and our art makes. All the links on on my sidebar. My etsy shop has my Southern Hemisphere globe now and I will be making the Northern Hemisphere as soon as I find the perfect lamp for it. These have been fun to make and if you done, please send me a photo!

I have been working in my craft room today trying to get a light box my husband made for me set up so I have no background images when taking photos for my selling sites. It seems the pattern he followed did not say to paint the box so, we have some adjustments to do. He followed it to the letter I believe, I did just forward him the pattern I found right here.

Well, I better get around and feed myself. It has been almost cold here today in Alabama. The dogs have enjoyed the weather and they romp and play together so FINE, even with the cats.

Have a fabulous evening and this week. I hope you had a great Mother's Day also yesterday!

Smiles, Cyndi

Somerset Studio Presents: Artful Blogging (Visually Inspiring Online Journals) Autumn 2008

Friday, April 16, 2010

The Northern Hemisphere Lamp I made

Melissa Howard or Mel How on Junk Market Style made a post about her Globe Lamp she had made.

I had one sitting in the garage without the brass stand so Bingo!, I knew what I would do with it now. I had the green lamp with the tiny flower and I had a red shade on it. This is the perfect lamp for what I need so, Now it is my Northern Hemisphere Lamp Recycled, UpCycled, Reused, ReFashioned.

I totally used Vintage Found Parts I had around my house. I have a Vintage Suitcase just full of old trims, zippers, threads, all kinds of sewing accessories. What a find in itself, I got it in Texas last spring at a garage sale after we left RoundTop, TX to head home.


Of Course my cat Bleu, had to help me make decisions to make this project! Get it at my Etsy shop, BylightOfMoon.

Smiles, Cyndi

Tuesday, April 6, 2010 - There's Cash in your Closet - There's Cash in your Closet

I just found this fabulous site to sell Clothing and accessories
Vintage, Maternity and Designer!

You will love it here and be sure to friend me!
Smiles, Cyndi

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Art Opera wth Lisa Kettell , April 7-10, 2010

Art Opera, April 7-10, 2010

I am so excited to see Lisa Kettell's dreams come true as she has advanced to be a Very Professional Artist in several fields. When I first met her so many years ago, early 2000 with sharing our love of fairies and she published the "Fairy Zine" and I was hooked.

She is hosting the Art Opera next week in New Jersey. Her blog is so enchanting as she shares some on the delights to come.

Please visit her blog Fairie Enchantment and follow to the Art Opera site to see photos they share with this event. I am in awe already from the gifts she has received and her adding so much delight to this soiree!

Art Opera's: Queens of the Sea Pageant!

I also have made some links to several of her published books down on my blog on the left side or at the bottom is a larger image to click on. I promise you sheer fairy love and exciting adventures as she endorses more products and has learned to make her own molds and has her art published to buy for your art needs.

I am still humming her music from my blog visit, it is very delightful and just have to share her with you. If you love fairies, mermaids, crowns, the sea, dolls, cupcakes, stages, jewelry, etc. I promise you she knows how to throw a soiree!

Smlies, Cyndi

Easter Blessings!

I made the floral arrangement for my Mother last year and it seems appropriate to share with you this Easter Sunday. I also wish you many Beloved Blessings today and may we remember all year our special love with our Lord.

You are all very special to me,
Blessings to you, Cyndi

Friday, April 2, 2010

reBlog from Kim from The Sheep's Nest: The Sheep's Nest

I found this fascinating quote today:

As well as some fabric ribbon I made and stamped with some eggs and birds.  There is also some old pieces of music as well as some Cavallini Stickers.All you have to do is leave me a post below.  If you are a follower I will enter your name twice and if you post my giveaway button on your blog I'll add your name one more time!  Just let me know.
Kim from The Sheep's Nest, The Sheep's Nest, Apr 2010

You should read the whole article.

Smiles, Cyndi

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Vintage Salt & Pepper Shakers Mushrooms

Vintage Salt & Pepper Shakers Mushrooms

These have just been added to my Vintage Etsy Shoppe " frstyfrolk's DragonflyzDreams"
Taking you back to the 1970's

I remember mushrooms being on everything and now here they are back again

I even remember making mushroom embroidered pillows then and had a round mushroom puzzle glued together and on my wall going down my stairs

I found several sets that appear to be new or never used when thrifting

They may have been donated from a back room storage somewhere

They measure 4 3/4 x 1 inch each

They both have three top holes for shakers

The bottom stamp says:
Sears Roebuck and Co 1977
Made in Japan

They do NOT have corks on the bottom, I am looking for some but beware they may not come with a cork in the bottom

I just joined a couple of Vintage Networks that are very informative,

You are welcome to join also!
Smiles, Cyndi

Visit The Vintage Village

Visit Vintage Network Worldwide

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Alice in Wonderland

Here are some fabulous finds with Alice in Wonderland, I love them!

I might even have to learn to play this game; last item!

Alice in Wonderland


The globe prepares to switch off for Earth Hour


Another year has passed and Earth Hour is here again. All you have to do is turn off your lights at 8:30pm (local time zone) for 1 hour on March 27, 2010.

To find out more about Earth Hour, visit the Earth Hour website.

Whether you are an individual, a business, a school or a city, you can show your support for Earth Hour by turning off your lights at 8.30PM on March 27 wherever you are on the planet.

Check out this web-site for more information and let's take part in the event to show our support! 

8:30PM , Don't forget! 

Smiles, Cyndi

Friday, March 26, 2010

A Great Giveaway!

I was here last night to share a fabulous site with you and I got lost when we had tornados in the area and I lost my post! All is fine here and I am back to really share it this time.

I was lurking from Tim Holtz's blog to a link on his site called the Retro Cafe Art Gallery which just sounds too kool to me so I went and followed to their site. I was lost in cruising around the cafe looking at the fun items they have to sell when I realized my Paypal boat needs to come in bigger so I need to be listing more and less cruising the internet so I can purchase the fun items I saw.

Well, I followed the store link to their blog, The Retro Cafe Art Gallery Blog Blog  and guess what?, they are having a fabulous giveaway! You know how I love books and this is a teaching book too with lots of ideas from the masters of Altered Art so I really perked up to see more.

This books looks more and more interesting as I read more. I have a couple of ways to win and one is posting here on my blog to share with you which I would do anyway but hey, if it gets me extra entries, Great! I really hope I win this one! I am excited.

All you have to do is follow the link to their blog and comment for you to be entered as well, there will be three (3) winners so room for both of us.

Well, I found a new site selling items I love and also a new blog that tells me how to use these items and gives me ideas for making what I have in my head come to life, I love the small watchmaker's tiny bottles especially and they are sold out at the moment but that gives me time to get more listing and I have also been adding two more bookcases to my workrooms so I can be more organized and able to put my hands  on my items I am making so I do not spend so much time searching! I am always saying, " Now where did I put that, I just saw it yesterday" or " I know I have this somewhere in here", LOL!
The story of my life so far is getting organized.

Well , go enter the giveaway now and look around the retro cafe. I loved it and am going back for more right now, Come with me!

Smiles, Cyndi


I am in a dilemma. I have been posting on my ByLightOfMoon blog for a couple of years and I started this blog for my selling site to not be interrupted by my entire everyday goings on. Well, I now find that I cannot have a profile with DragonflyzDreams unless I become another person it seems.

When I friend connect with DragonflyzDreams which I have trouble doing with ByLightOfMoon , google wants to show my ByLightOfMoon avatar instead of my special Feathered Goddess here on DragonflyzDreams! Well Shucks!

I know this is a lot of confusion. It seems I am always creating confusion. My Tax ID license is for DD so I thought it best to sell under that name which I still believe is best and I have so many friends and followers at ByLightOfMoon and this blog is just getting started.

it is hard to start all over again and bring in new friends and viewers. I hoped with facebook connecting us we would grow anyway.

Oh, what to do???


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My ebay site, no store, just auctions!

  Link to my ebay site is here    My ebay selling site

I loaded up some Kool Boxer shorts, Krispy Kreme and Hard Rock Cafe Fun yesterday to ebay auction.

I also have some fun Girly Hats Brand NEW!

Only there for a week, so grab them now at auction, they will be cheap prices!

smiles, Cyndi

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring Giveaway at Fiona and Twig Blogspot

Please go to a new giveaway I found and I follow with pride when I can get my follow button to wrok, I do rss feed for the moment!

She is going to Warrenton, TX for the Spring Antique Week Event. I envy her as I went last spring and I want to return so badley this year but health prevents it.

Go see Fiona and Twig Blog Gveaway to see what you can win.

Smiles, Cyndi

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A new DragonflyzDreams site, a walk- in mall space

I made a Flicker Badge of my new little space under the stairs at The Blue House, an old re-done house on Main Street - Alabaster, Alabama. These photos are not great, especially the Needlepoint Sampler which is blurry. I will take more close up's when I go back tomorrow when we take some furniture pieces. I have a white wicker baby changing table I have been using in my front hallway as a display table for photos and staging photos scenes.

I will really miss it for that. It is nice as it has three drawers and two shelves to store items in. I really kind of wish I could keep it after using it for about a year since I closed my other consignment stores 10x10 areas. I have a six drawer dresser I could replace it with or if it doesn't sell I will just keep it and put something else out. I hope to get enough cash to attend my old stomping ground, the auction I use to attend. They have fabulous furniture now and then. Some of the stuff I still have came from there. I painted a harp table a shabby purple with a pearl glaze from there and I will put it out, I need a place to put some lamps I have. I find lamps quite often when I am thrifting at great buys and I have several new lampshades I got from a furniture store that was closing a long time ago and they have just been sitting in my garage.

I need to move this stuff out and reclaim my home, and if it does not sell I will do some box lots at the auction house. I really need to raise some cash and clear our also so this is what I came up with. I have visited this store and inquired several times but they are always full and with a waiting list so I was really surprised last week when the new owner called me with a choice of two sites.

The site under the stairs was open now and the blue booth space next door will be available April 1, 2010 when the girl there is opening her own store. I will have to follow here new shop also as she has altered art also and I love what she makes.

So, here is a visit to what a have open so far with so much more to add.
Thanks for looking!
Smiles, Cyndi

frstyfrolk/Cyndi's DragonflyzDreams photosetfrstyfrolk/Cyndi's DragonflyzDreams photoset

Friday, March 5, 2010

My Second Bonanzle Store!

My Bonanzle Crafting site is up and going! I will keep adding all kinds of materials!

PLease add yourself to my Facebook Group, Bonanzle Friends!
Smiles, Cyndi

Monday, March 1, 2010

My First Online Yard Sale~ Open 24 hours!

I am a vendor at the EZ Craft On-Line Show starting today until March 14, 2010.  Two weeks seems like a long time, but I hope it flies and I make lots of sales.  I have listed some items that will be for resale as soon as they sell once and others I will have to  re-list with another item. I did not see a way to list quanity of how many I have in stock.
My link at the show is DragonflyzDreams, come and visit me!

I will try to keep them current and ready to go. I should have lots of products anyway as my new Bonanzle Store "Dragonfly Dreams" needs to have, Oh So! many listings added! Many Indeed!

I have so, oh so many books to list regarding crafting of all kinds and I have a bedroom full of my craft project items just waiting for me to turn them into what I have dreamed. I know I will never have time for everything as I yearn to read more also so when I find what I want to work with and I Am sure. Iwill sell the other things I have.But, working in mixed media needs alot and I don't want the store bought  items that come on a page for my ephemera, I want to search and loook for the real things as much as possible. That is where the fun is. It just has to quit costing me so much.  I love the freebie piles, I just have to search them out better.

I am back, I left you for abit to go enter some goodness at my "DragonflyzDreams " Bonanzle store since I only have 10 items at the Craft Show and I have alot more to add to both of my Bonanzle booths. I did not wake when my husband returned home from work last night and I barely remember him begging me to come to bed. This must have been around midnight. Well, I woke up freezing around 2:30 AM and went to bed, you know then you lie awake, so I got back up and have been here there and everywhere on the computer. A good way to stay quiet so everyone else can sleep. Sigh!

It is cold here this morning at 36 degrees at 9:30AM. They even say it might snow tonight. It actually feels like it and just looks like it.   One thing I like to do at night is visit blog friends and see what they have been up too.  I also got an email from Vintage Indie which I wandered over to and visited some with the on-line Vintage Indie Home photos. Oh, they are lovely!  Sweet Romamce!

I am a member there at the Vintage Pulse Network and forget to go more often. I  belong to the Vintage area. Oh My! I have photos of my Vinatge 1963 Shasta Teardrop Trailer there.  It is a wonderful source to share Vintage and learn also about what you have found if you like to just play around collecting it like I do and know nothing about it really.

Well, I tried to document there why I have been away and it only game me so mnay letters so here it is
At Vintage Pulse Site:

I am checking in to see where I left off since it has been awhile since I have visited here. Shame on me! I got am email about the ning network and I went to the Home and Garden area and looked at home photos proud owners have sent in of their fabulous homes and decor. I dream!

There is absolutely no reason why my home cannot look like that except for me is the only reason. I delight in clutter but it is making me sick of it!

I love to have my haven of things I love around me but I have so much I am drowning in it. I bet if I sold all I can see, I would not miss it, Well, maybe some things?

I better get back to what I was doing, I just entered some vintage Retro buttons at DragonflyzDreams since it is a crafting site and I have many Vintage crafting supplies. These are wood Large Buttons of the Retro era, maybe 50's 60's, I don't know , I better go look around.

I will load up a photo, they are vivid pink, turquoise, and orange, maybe the Twiggy days of the 1960's

Smiles, Cyndi

Friday, February 26, 2010

Organizing fabrics

I am working on my clutter still and I wonder how you store your fabrics. I have several plastic bins full mostly in the garage for lack of floor space in the house. I see several of you roll your fabrics and tie them when I see your blogs.  Is this the most efficient way do you think?

I very much would like your opinions as I am still trying to reduce my clutter so I can have some working space to CREATE what is in my head.

I also am storing my painting brushes in sand pails along with pencils, crayolas, gel pens, chalk,colored markers, etc.

I went to a new craft/art store yesterday and I fell in love with it. It was downtown near the UAB area so not close to me at all, but with all the downtown Doctor's appointments, it can be a stop on those days of course when I have some cash.  I did get the neatest Asian paint brushes for Calligraphy! And I went in for tracing paper to learn to paint, hopefully able to lose the stencils and paint freehand soon, I just have to get started.

Well, I am wandering again, I started out with fabrics and now I am on papers and painting.
It all goes together with mixed media art. Please give me your opinons on storage.

Here are some photos I took quickley as I was working just now. I probably should be marking the yardage as I tie bundles but well, another day!

The yellow dress has a bike on it , so I plan to use it somehow with something someway( grins)

This is our old Bedskirt tied together with the 3 floor panels
and the underbed fabric looks like good ribbon material, I think!
and New Bedding,
 I  can't just throw it away

Smiles, Cyndi

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Second Bonanzle Store!

I just created a new Bonanzle shop for my Crafting merchandise. I have no inventory yet but my friend, Peg at OneRingyDingy made my banner and avatar for me.

I already have one Bonanzle Shop at Frstyfrolk's Boutique and my husband and our dog, Emma have a shop, MyShop4Pets for all your pet needs and they have also  recently added some licensed items like Ballpark and Military, Retired, etc. License Plates for a Car or your Wall and Ball Caps.
The New " New York Stadium " has been a big seller! :-)

I will be adding all kinds of Crafting needs. I will have Vintage and New Craft Books and Patterns along with Vintage Sewing Patterns, Buttons, Fabric Swatches, Beading Needs, just all kinds of Supplies and Crafting needs.

I do have many Vintage crafting supplies that I have gathered from estate sales and charity shops. I have not been to an auction lately but I need to go looking for paper supplies and old books. I already have many bookcases full of the crafting books and patterns. I also like to look through Books and Magazines for Retro and Vintage copyright free images. I yearn to learn paintshop where I can edit like some of my best friends can do.

Come make me a favorite shop to you by selecting a FAVORITE on the left side of the Bonanzle store links toward the bottom under Catagories at DragonflyzDreams and I will announce my Grand Opening Soon! I will also favorite you from my store.

I look forward to it and I just adore my new Banner! My Dragonfly Feather Goddess, isn't she cute!
We will be OPEN for business soon!

Smiles, Cyndi

Saturday, January 23, 2010

My " Where's Waldo?" Earrings!

I had been thinking of making some puzzle earrings and when I saw this puzzle I thought Yes! This is the right puzzle for them. I also made a few from a marbles puzzle which is ok too.

Maybe no one will like them but I do and it was fun making a few. I am not much of a jewelry artist and I need to practice my loops for awhile but that is how I will learn and with a fun project without spending alot of $ on expensive glass beads like I love.

These are in my etsy handmade shoppe, ByLightOfMoon.

Valentine Day Ideas

I love Valentine Day!

It is time to share with one you love a gardening gift, candy, cookies, flowers, fruit,popcorn, and gift baskets of all kinds.

I have been doing a Home Garden area. I started with a Terrarium from a fish aquarium I had and then when I found some ferns and a galvanized tub, I replaced one with another and moved the aquarium to the hallway. The first space was my shower area since I had no space, Sure thing! I just moved the shower curtain back and hung up another rod in front for the plant lights.

Here is one of my display areas:

and as the first one started and got replaced, Grins!

cactus in vintage bowl I found at thrift store

And the terrarium:

Well, it takes just playing around with ideas as things come in and get arranged,my mind just changes the staging display and will continue probably till summer and they can go outside. I really do need a barn!

Now, I am off to make my own Valentine Cards to add to my gifts. This free image was from Penniwig's! I just adore her graphics, she puts one up daily and also make the most unique earrings and rings now in her Etsy shop. I share this one now that I love.

Smiles, Cyndi

Plow and Garden
Plow & Hearth

Unique Gifts for the Home, Hearth, Yard and Garden

1-800-Flowers, you may use skype now


Landscape USA

Gift Baskets, Inc.

Mrs Fields
Mrs. Fields Gifts, Inc

Here are some fabulous places to see for the upcoming Valentine Holiday,21 days away!