Friday, February 26, 2010

Organizing fabrics

I am working on my clutter still and I wonder how you store your fabrics. I have several plastic bins full mostly in the garage for lack of floor space in the house. I see several of you roll your fabrics and tie them when I see your blogs.  Is this the most efficient way do you think?

I very much would like your opinions as I am still trying to reduce my clutter so I can have some working space to CREATE what is in my head.

I also am storing my painting brushes in sand pails along with pencils, crayolas, gel pens, chalk,colored markers, etc.

I went to a new craft/art store yesterday and I fell in love with it. It was downtown near the UAB area so not close to me at all, but with all the downtown Doctor's appointments, it can be a stop on those days of course when I have some cash.  I did get the neatest Asian paint brushes for Calligraphy! And I went in for tracing paper to learn to paint, hopefully able to lose the stencils and paint freehand soon, I just have to get started.

Well, I am wandering again, I started out with fabrics and now I am on papers and painting.
It all goes together with mixed media art. Please give me your opinons on storage.

Here are some photos I took quickley as I was working just now. I probably should be marking the yardage as I tie bundles but well, another day!

The yellow dress has a bike on it , so I plan to use it somehow with something someway( grins)

This is our old Bedskirt tied together with the 3 floor panels
and the underbed fabric looks like good ribbon material, I think!
and New Bedding,
 I  can't just throw it away

Smiles, Cyndi

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