Monday, March 1, 2010

My First Online Yard Sale~ Open 24 hours!

I am a vendor at the EZ Craft On-Line Show starting today until March 14, 2010.  Two weeks seems like a long time, but I hope it flies and I make lots of sales.  I have listed some items that will be for resale as soon as they sell once and others I will have to  re-list with another item. I did not see a way to list quanity of how many I have in stock.
My link at the show is DragonflyzDreams, come and visit me!

I will try to keep them current and ready to go. I should have lots of products anyway as my new Bonanzle Store "Dragonfly Dreams" needs to have, Oh So! many listings added! Many Indeed!

I have so, oh so many books to list regarding crafting of all kinds and I have a bedroom full of my craft project items just waiting for me to turn them into what I have dreamed. I know I will never have time for everything as I yearn to read more also so when I find what I want to work with and I Am sure. Iwill sell the other things I have.But, working in mixed media needs alot and I don't want the store bought  items that come on a page for my ephemera, I want to search and loook for the real things as much as possible. That is where the fun is. It just has to quit costing me so much.  I love the freebie piles, I just have to search them out better.

I am back, I left you for abit to go enter some goodness at my "DragonflyzDreams " Bonanzle store since I only have 10 items at the Craft Show and I have alot more to add to both of my Bonanzle booths. I did not wake when my husband returned home from work last night and I barely remember him begging me to come to bed. This must have been around midnight. Well, I woke up freezing around 2:30 AM and went to bed, you know then you lie awake, so I got back up and have been here there and everywhere on the computer. A good way to stay quiet so everyone else can sleep. Sigh!

It is cold here this morning at 36 degrees at 9:30AM. They even say it might snow tonight. It actually feels like it and just looks like it.   One thing I like to do at night is visit blog friends and see what they have been up too.  I also got an email from Vintage Indie which I wandered over to and visited some with the on-line Vintage Indie Home photos. Oh, they are lovely!  Sweet Romamce!

I am a member there at the Vintage Pulse Network and forget to go more often. I  belong to the Vintage area. Oh My! I have photos of my Vinatge 1963 Shasta Teardrop Trailer there.  It is a wonderful source to share Vintage and learn also about what you have found if you like to just play around collecting it like I do and know nothing about it really.

Well, I tried to document there why I have been away and it only game me so mnay letters so here it is
At Vintage Pulse Site:

I am checking in to see where I left off since it has been awhile since I have visited here. Shame on me! I got am email about the ning network and I went to the Home and Garden area and looked at home photos proud owners have sent in of their fabulous homes and decor. I dream!

There is absolutely no reason why my home cannot look like that except for me is the only reason. I delight in clutter but it is making me sick of it!

I love to have my haven of things I love around me but I have so much I am drowning in it. I bet if I sold all I can see, I would not miss it, Well, maybe some things?

I better get back to what I was doing, I just entered some vintage Retro buttons at DragonflyzDreams since it is a crafting site and I have many Vintage crafting supplies. These are wood Large Buttons of the Retro era, maybe 50's 60's, I don't know , I better go look around.

I will load up a photo, they are vivid pink, turquoise, and orange, maybe the Twiggy days of the 1960's

Smiles, Cyndi

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