Friday, March 26, 2010

A Great Giveaway!

I was here last night to share a fabulous site with you and I got lost when we had tornados in the area and I lost my post! All is fine here and I am back to really share it this time.

I was lurking from Tim Holtz's blog to a link on his site called the Retro Cafe Art Gallery which just sounds too kool to me so I went and followed to their site. I was lost in cruising around the cafe looking at the fun items they have to sell when I realized my Paypal boat needs to come in bigger so I need to be listing more and less cruising the internet so I can purchase the fun items I saw.

Well, I followed the store link to their blog, The Retro Cafe Art Gallery Blog Blog  and guess what?, they are having a fabulous giveaway! You know how I love books and this is a teaching book too with lots of ideas from the masters of Altered Art so I really perked up to see more.

This books looks more and more interesting as I read more. I have a couple of ways to win and one is posting here on my blog to share with you which I would do anyway but hey, if it gets me extra entries, Great! I really hope I win this one! I am excited.

All you have to do is follow the link to their blog and comment for you to be entered as well, there will be three (3) winners so room for both of us.

Well, I found a new site selling items I love and also a new blog that tells me how to use these items and gives me ideas for making what I have in my head come to life, I love the small watchmaker's tiny bottles especially and they are sold out at the moment but that gives me time to get more listing and I have also been adding two more bookcases to my workrooms so I can be more organized and able to put my hands  on my items I am making so I do not spend so much time searching! I am always saying, " Now where did I put that, I just saw it yesterday" or " I know I have this somewhere in here", LOL!
The story of my life so far is getting organized.

Well , go enter the giveaway now and look around the retro cafe. I loved it and am going back for more right now, Come with me!

Smiles, Cyndi

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