Sunday, May 5, 2019

An Update on frstyfrolk and ByLightOfMoon happenings on-line and off

I have not been posting as we moved to a new cabin and it is taking me forever to find my listed items so I closed my Etsy and Ebay stores while getting settled again. I just never thought it would take me so long. I have been also trying to get my flower garden re-planted plus with new plants I have. I have finally come to conclusion I will have to hire some garden help so I can get cabin settled. As small as our other cabin was, it had walls for bookcases, photographs, etc. This cabin has a loft and no walls really.
All the fish were about 2 inches big when I got them as a surprise for my husband and now unbelievable growth. I have pictures, just will have to locate them. All of my computer system has changed since I got a virus last fall. It is just relearning where file and photos are plus many were lost. When we moved we had our two Golden Retrievers and two cats, all rescues and I have spoken of before at and one day I thought I saw a moose on the screened in back porch. I had the slider doors open and screen door propped open to let them outside to keep from opening so many doors when they wanted out which was a lot. It had been raining for several days and I had to towel dry the dogs when coming back inside It turned out to be a ting black kitten which we did not know where it came from as no close neighbors. I just called it "Kitty" as it was very scared and would not come to me. She did not leave so before bring her in the house we got a a health check and SHE is a girl still called "Kitty" as that is what she now answers too and now around 6 months old. We even got her micro-chipped when spayed and with other shots. As a rescue she was spayed for $20.00, thank goodness! I don't watch much TV but when I sit down for a break I sit on back porch in rustic chair set my daughter and son-in-law gave us several years ago. I can see TV inside and my husband set up a speaker for me so I could also hear. My favorite place! I tend to go to HGTV for the house remodels. They are just amazing what can be done. Now, he recently came home with an even large TV for great room so we can put the old TV outside which will be really nice once we decide where to put it and how to re-design the screen porch. It is across the whole back of the cabin with another un-screened porch on the front full length. Well, I am still unpacking and need time for excess listings with photos and descriptions. I have had some health problems also recently which does not help any. Well, thanks for letting me catch-up on happenings some and I better get back to work! Oh, Decisions! Where to Start? Blessings, Cyndi

Sunday, February 19, 2017

"ByLightOfMoon" is my Sister Etsy Shop and Blog and "DragonflyzDreams frstyfrolk" Etsy Shop and Social Media Links

I am sill working on fixing my side bars posts, I have no "design" link on this blog and wonder where it went! Please bare with me while I try to work in out. In the meantime, I will just have to post in this area. It is all that is available to me. I am trying to make two seperate blogs for my listings and what os happening on each one. ~ * I have two (2) Etsy Shops and Shipping is always combined between both Etsy shops! Nature Supplies and Country Photographs Vintage ~ "ByLightOfMoon" is my Shop for many kinds of Nature Supplies and Forest Curiosities! I love living in the Forest, it is so Enchanting. I adore fairies, dragonflies, gnomes and love to collect Moss from the forest floor the deer kick up for Terrariums and my Gardening Displays! I also have been" Enlightened " to Country Living! I find it so new with so many ways to adapt to Nature, Organic, and Native Plants and my Imagination! I found a " Fairy Ring even in my yard and also in the forest. The Shelf Mushrooms and Toadstools are so colorful and dry so well for use in Mixed Media. My everyday blog in our new country forest cabin living with our dogs and just loved items! My DragonflyzDreams Blog: About my Vintage Collections and etsy shop,along with newer items. Ebay listings. Visit my Facebook pages for new listings, My Etsy Teams Awesome Listings, My Coupons, Sales, and more! Twitter My Pinterest Boards Cyndi frstyfrolk Google page frstyfrolk Tumbler Here is a nice cookbook I have that is full of awesome photographs of the decades from 20's through 90's. I can show more here for you to see: It has recipes from all of the years that were the best loved.
Smiles, Cyndi

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Blog Design Gone ~ No Layout Link anymore!

On This Blog and my "ByLightOfMoon" Blogger Dashboards will only let me make "New " posts. I have been trying to change the sidebar links and the "Layout Link"  , but is not to be found.

I have written to Blogger Help but still have not been able to fix this problem.  I had my computer re-done after I got a Virus and Lost alot of Information and Photographs. I wish this on No One Ever!

Hopefully I can get it re-done and start getting back to normal soon.

Thanks for following me this far.

Smiles, Cyndi

Monday, January 2, 2017

Folkart, Primitives and More team catalogue ~ Check it out, A Fabulous Etsy Team!

Folkart, Primitives and More team catalogue

Design Link Lost!  Oh Dashboard, where did you go?

I have lost my "Dashboard" to Design this blog. I am working on a solution but complicated for me.

Lat's have a Very " Happy  2017" with lots of sales.  The Team Tag is " FAAP" to search on Etsy and you will find a wide variety of very creative artists with lots of One of a Kind ( OOAK) makings and offering to you.  We also have a dirverse selection of Folk Art and Primitive Vintage Items.

You may also visit the Team Blog at Folk Art and Primitives blog!

Smiles, Cyndi

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Where have I been and what have I been doing? Gardening, Get ready to move, and listing items for sale!

I have never posted here like I should as "DragonflyzDreams" is a domain I own.
I had to add the "z' because someone else had the words un-seperated like I use it. I also own "ByLightOfMoon " and use it more for my other Blog I post too and one of my Etsy shops.  My "ByLightOfMoon" Facebook page is lost until I can re-activate it as I used it on Chrome notebook on the front porch and it made my husband who was setting it up for me) make a new password (no idea why/) and I cannot get back into it, the account is denied on Facebook, I just need some time to work on it so I have been using my other two Facebook pages and business page

My everyday blog and sites:
With my dogs and everyday life, my art and lovely finds

I post both "frstyfrolk" and "ByLightOfMoon" ideas and happenings to this blog. It is just hard to keep up with Two Blogs.

My Etsy Shops:
~ * I have two Etsy Shops and Shipping is always combined between shops
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I have also been listing lately on Ebay items not for Etsy here
I have really been doing quite well there.

Bonanza Shops ( Items to  new to be on Etsy and it imports from Ebay) 
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I also love Hometalk, any question can be answered here on anything!
Join me here and we will share.    

I really need to be spending more time on getting ready to move as I have so much to do and December will be here before I know it and I have a lot of things I can't take to try and sell or have to donate. We have lived in this awesome tiny cabin in the forest for six years and now the owner wants to sell it. So, we have GOT to get busy and find a place to live! I want a roof over my head!

Now you have lots of links to find me and I welcome your comments and any links to follow you also!

I really need to get busy clearing out to donate today and go to the recycle site.
Smiles, Cyndi