Monday, February 22, 2016

DragonflyzDreams alive again!

I forgot I even have this blog as I mainly use ByLightOfMoon as my main blog. I really should use this blog for frstyfrolk, My Vintage Etsy shop and Ebay for newer items  I have to clean out my storage space and make more room for craft items I want to work on again.

 I have been so busy gardening or trying I have not really crafted in a while. I love my new nature setting I live in and I spend way to much time outside. I love to sit on my porch and read Books and thrift shop and recycle bin
Magazines  while watching the birds and what ever is going on in the forest.

I collect moss and spend so much lovely time in this enchanting setting. I collect mushrooms too, I find so many different kinds, both shelf and toadstools.  
I love taking photographs and always try to have my camera with me. I also dry them to sell in my ByLightOfMoon Etsy Nature Shop  along with other nature findings and collections for curiosity or shadow box collections. Also terrarium making is very popular now and that is what my collected moss is used for along with an accessory in planters and handing baskets. It is so beautiful and Live, just picked up from where the deer kick it up and other sites I find.

But now I am ready to get back to my first crafting love using mixed media for about everything in my head to make and I have about every kind of crafting
items from stamping, learning to paint, lots of fabrics of all kinds (I love to cut up vintage clothing) and jewelry saved I want to make wind chimes and some jewelry I love.

I have Sculpy Clay to learn to use and so many HOW- TO  Books it is crazy. I have a Love of Books of all kinds. You can find anything you are not even looking for at Thrift Shops and Library De-stash sales.

I better get back to busy but I will start posting and sharing here on a regular basic, I have so much to share!

Smiles, Cyndi