Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Vintage Salt & Pepper Shakers Mushrooms

Vintage Salt & Pepper Shakers Mushrooms

These have just been added to my Vintage Etsy Shoppe " frstyfrolk's DragonflyzDreams"
Taking you back to the 1970's

I remember mushrooms being on everything and now here they are back again

I even remember making mushroom embroidered pillows then and had a round mushroom puzzle glued together and on my wall going down my stairs

I found several sets that appear to be new or never used when thrifting

They may have been donated from a back room storage somewhere

They measure 4 3/4 x 1 inch each

They both have three top holes for shakers

The bottom stamp says:
Sears Roebuck and Co 1977
Made in Japan

They do NOT have corks on the bottom, I am looking for some but beware they may not come with a cork in the bottom

I just joined a couple of Vintage Networks that are very informative,

You are welcome to join also!
Smiles, Cyndi

Visit The Vintage Village

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Alice in Wonderland

Here are some fabulous finds with Alice in Wonderland, I love them!

I might even have to learn to play this game; last item!

Alice in Wonderland


The globe prepares to switch off for Earth Hour


Another year has passed and Earth Hour is here again. All you have to do is turn off your lights at 8:30pm (local time zone) for 1 hour on March 27, 2010.

To find out more about Earth Hour, visit the Earth Hour website.

Whether you are an individual, a business, a school or a city, you can show your support for Earth Hour by turning off your lights at 8.30PM on March 27 wherever you are on the planet.

Check out this web-site for more information and let's take part in the event to show our support! 

8:30PM , Don't forget! 

Smiles, Cyndi

Friday, March 26, 2010

A Great Giveaway!

I was here last night to share a fabulous site with you and I got lost when we had tornados in the area and I lost my post! All is fine here and I am back to really share it this time.

I was lurking from Tim Holtz's blog to a link on his site called the Retro Cafe Art Gallery which just sounds too kool to me so I went and followed to their site. I was lost in cruising around the cafe looking at the fun items they have to sell when I realized my Paypal boat needs to come in bigger so I need to be listing more and less cruising the internet so I can purchase the fun items I saw.

Well, I followed the store link to their blog, The Retro Cafe Art Gallery Blog Blog  and guess what?, they are having a fabulous giveaway! You know how I love books and this is a teaching book too with lots of ideas from the masters of Altered Art so I really perked up to see more.

This books looks more and more interesting as I read more. I have a couple of ways to win and one is posting here on my blog to share with you which I would do anyway but hey, if it gets me extra entries, Great! I really hope I win this one! I am excited.

All you have to do is follow the link to their blog and comment for you to be entered as well, there will be three (3) winners so room for both of us.

Well, I found a new site selling items I love and also a new blog that tells me how to use these items and gives me ideas for making what I have in my head come to life, I love the small watchmaker's tiny bottles especially and they are sold out at the moment but that gives me time to get more listing and I have also been adding two more bookcases to my workrooms so I can be more organized and able to put my hands  on my items I am making so I do not spend so much time searching! I am always saying, " Now where did I put that, I just saw it yesterday" or " I know I have this somewhere in here", LOL!
The story of my life so far is getting organized.

Well , go enter the giveaway now and look around the retro cafe. I loved it and am going back for more right now, Come with me!

Smiles, Cyndi


I am in a dilemma. I have been posting on my ByLightOfMoon blog for a couple of years and I started this blog for my selling site to not be interrupted by my entire everyday goings on. Well, I now find that I cannot have a profile with DragonflyzDreams unless I become another person it seems.

When I friend connect with DragonflyzDreams which I have trouble doing with ByLightOfMoon , google wants to show my ByLightOfMoon avatar instead of my special Feathered Goddess here on DragonflyzDreams! Well Shucks!

I know this is a lot of confusion. It seems I am always creating confusion. My Tax ID license is for DD so I thought it best to sell under that name which I still believe is best and I have so many friends and followers at ByLightOfMoon and this blog is just getting started.

it is hard to start all over again and bring in new friends and viewers. I hoped with facebook connecting us we would grow anyway.

Oh, what to do???


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My ebay site, no store, just auctions!

  Link to my ebay site is here    My ebay selling site

I loaded up some Kool Boxer shorts, Krispy Kreme and Hard Rock Cafe Fun yesterday to ebay auction.

I also have some fun Girly Hats Brand NEW!

Only there for a week, so grab them now at auction, they will be cheap prices!

smiles, Cyndi

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring Giveaway at Fiona and Twig Blogspot

Please go to a new giveaway I found and I follow with pride when I can get my follow button to wrok, I do rss feed for the moment!

She is going to Warrenton, TX for the Spring Antique Week Event. I envy her as I went last spring and I want to return so badley this year but health prevents it.

Go see Fiona and Twig Blog Gveaway to see what you can win.

Smiles, Cyndi

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A new DragonflyzDreams site, a walk- in mall space

I made a Flicker Badge of my new little space under the stairs at The Blue House, an old re-done house on Main Street - Alabaster, Alabama. These photos are not great, especially the Needlepoint Sampler which is blurry. I will take more close up's when I go back tomorrow when we take some furniture pieces. I have a white wicker baby changing table I have been using in my front hallway as a display table for photos and staging photos scenes.

I will really miss it for that. It is nice as it has three drawers and two shelves to store items in. I really kind of wish I could keep it after using it for about a year since I closed my other consignment stores 10x10 areas. I have a six drawer dresser I could replace it with or if it doesn't sell I will just keep it and put something else out. I hope to get enough cash to attend my old stomping ground, the auction I use to attend. They have fabulous furniture now and then. Some of the stuff I still have came from there. I painted a harp table a shabby purple with a pearl glaze from there and I will put it out, I need a place to put some lamps I have. I find lamps quite often when I am thrifting at great buys and I have several new lampshades I got from a furniture store that was closing a long time ago and they have just been sitting in my garage.

I need to move this stuff out and reclaim my home, and if it does not sell I will do some box lots at the auction house. I really need to raise some cash and clear our also so this is what I came up with. I have visited this store and inquired several times but they are always full and with a waiting list so I was really surprised last week when the new owner called me with a choice of two sites.

The site under the stairs was open now and the blue booth space next door will be available April 1, 2010 when the girl there is opening her own store. I will have to follow here new shop also as she has altered art also and I love what she makes.

So, here is a visit to what a have open so far with so much more to add.
Thanks for looking!
Smiles, Cyndi

frstyfrolk/Cyndi's DragonflyzDreams photosetfrstyfrolk/Cyndi's DragonflyzDreams photoset

Friday, March 5, 2010

My Second Bonanzle Store!

My Bonanzle Crafting site is up and going! I will keep adding all kinds of materials!

PLease add yourself to my Facebook Group, Bonanzle Friends!
Smiles, Cyndi

Monday, March 1, 2010

My First Online Yard Sale~ Open 24 hours!

I am a vendor at the EZ Craft On-Line Show starting today until March 14, 2010.  Two weeks seems like a long time, but I hope it flies and I make lots of sales.  I have listed some items that will be for resale as soon as they sell once and others I will have to  re-list with another item. I did not see a way to list quanity of how many I have in stock.
My link at the show is DragonflyzDreams, come and visit me!

I will try to keep them current and ready to go. I should have lots of products anyway as my new Bonanzle Store "Dragonfly Dreams" needs to have, Oh So! many listings added! Many Indeed!

I have so, oh so many books to list regarding crafting of all kinds and I have a bedroom full of my craft project items just waiting for me to turn them into what I have dreamed. I know I will never have time for everything as I yearn to read more also so when I find what I want to work with and I Am sure. Iwill sell the other things I have.But, working in mixed media needs alot and I don't want the store bought  items that come on a page for my ephemera, I want to search and loook for the real things as much as possible. That is where the fun is. It just has to quit costing me so much.  I love the freebie piles, I just have to search them out better.

I am back, I left you for abit to go enter some goodness at my "DragonflyzDreams " Bonanzle store since I only have 10 items at the Craft Show and I have alot more to add to both of my Bonanzle booths. I did not wake when my husband returned home from work last night and I barely remember him begging me to come to bed. This must have been around midnight. Well, I woke up freezing around 2:30 AM and went to bed, you know then you lie awake, so I got back up and have been here there and everywhere on the computer. A good way to stay quiet so everyone else can sleep. Sigh!

It is cold here this morning at 36 degrees at 9:30AM. They even say it might snow tonight. It actually feels like it and just looks like it.   One thing I like to do at night is visit blog friends and see what they have been up too.  I also got an email from Vintage Indie which I wandered over to and visited some with the on-line Vintage Indie Home photos. Oh, they are lovely!  Sweet Romamce!

I am a member there at the Vintage Pulse Network and forget to go more often. I  belong to the Vintage area. Oh My! I have photos of my Vinatge 1963 Shasta Teardrop Trailer there.  It is a wonderful source to share Vintage and learn also about what you have found if you like to just play around collecting it like I do and know nothing about it really.

Well, I tried to document there why I have been away and it only game me so mnay letters so here it is
At Vintage Pulse Site:

I am checking in to see where I left off since it has been awhile since I have visited here. Shame on me! I got am email about the ning network and I went to the Home and Garden area and looked at home photos proud owners have sent in of their fabulous homes and decor. I dream!

There is absolutely no reason why my home cannot look like that except for me is the only reason. I delight in clutter but it is making me sick of it!

I love to have my haven of things I love around me but I have so much I am drowning in it. I bet if I sold all I can see, I would not miss it, Well, maybe some things?

I better get back to what I was doing, I just entered some vintage Retro buttons at DragonflyzDreams since it is a crafting site and I have many Vintage crafting supplies. These are wood Large Buttons of the Retro era, maybe 50's 60's, I don't know , I better go look around.

I will load up a photo, they are vivid pink, turquoise, and orange, maybe the Twiggy days of the 1960's

Smiles, Cyndi