Sunday, February 19, 2017

"ByLightOfMoon" is my Sister Etsy Shop and Blog and "DragonflyzDreams frstyfrolk" Etsy Shop and Social Media Links

I am sill working on fixing my side bars posts, I have no "design" link on this blog and wonder where it went! Please bare with me while I try to work in out. In the meantime, I will just have to post in this area. It is all that is available to me. I am trying to make two seperate blogs for my listings and what os happening on each one. ~ * I have two (2) Etsy Shops and Shipping is always combined between both Etsy shops! Nature Supplies and Country Photographs Vintage ~ "ByLightOfMoon" is my Shop for many kinds of Nature Supplies and Forest Curiosities! I love living in the Forest, it is so Enchanting. I adore fairies, dragonflies, gnomes and love to collect Moss from the forest floor the deer kick up for Terrariums and my Gardening Displays! I also have been" Enlightened " to Country Living! I find it so new with so many ways to adapt to Nature, Organic, and Native Plants and my Imagination! I found a " Fairy Ring even in my yard and also in the forest. The Shelf Mushrooms and Toadstools are so colorful and dry so well for use in Mixed Media. My everyday blog in our new country forest cabin living with our dogs and just loved items! My DragonflyzDreams Blog: About my Vintage Collections and etsy shop,along with newer items. Ebay listings. Visit my Facebook pages for new listings, My Etsy Teams Awesome Listings, My Coupons, Sales, and more! Twitter My Pinterest Boards Cyndi frstyfrolk Google page frstyfrolk Tumbler Here is a nice cookbook I have that is full of awesome photographs of the decades from 20's through 90's. I can show more here for you to see: It has recipes from all of the years that were the best loved.
Smiles, Cyndi

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Blog Design Gone ~ No Layout Link anymore!

On This Blog and my "ByLightOfMoon" Blogger Dashboards will only let me make "New " posts. I have been trying to change the sidebar links and the "Layout Link"  , but is not to be found.

I have written to Blogger Help but still have not been able to fix this problem.  I had my computer re-done after I got a Virus and Lost alot of Information and Photographs. I wish this on No One Ever!

Hopefully I can get it re-done and start getting back to normal soon.

Thanks for following me this far.

Smiles, Cyndi

Monday, January 2, 2017

Folkart, Primitives and More team catalogue ~ Check it out, A Fabulous Etsy Team!

Folkart, Primitives and More team catalogue

Design Link Lost!  Oh Dashboard, where did you go?

I have lost my "Dashboard" to Design this blog. I am working on a solution but complicated for me.

Lat's have a Very " Happy  2017" with lots of sales.  The Team Tag is " FAAP" to search on Etsy and you will find a wide variety of very creative artists with lots of One of a Kind ( OOAK) makings and offering to you.  We also have a dirverse selection of Folk Art and Primitive Vintage Items.

You may also visit the Team Blog at Folk Art and Primitives blog!

Smiles, Cyndi