Monday, July 26, 2010

Encouraged to Clean out Clutter and Relocate!

I got very frustrated when editing a new listing and lost the whole thing, so I have been Lost at Selling Sites and not around listing new items for awhile. I really worked hard on "That Listing" with details and measurements and so from now on I will work my items up in word and then transfer to my store with photos so not to lose anything again!

I really am going now to start cleaning out my house so when my husband retires which he already has in our heads, just not officially. He has been on disability for a long time and not getting better so he will not return to work anytime soon that we see so we may as well start getting ready to move to a river which is our dream. A River and Shade trees so we may be outside more are the main requirements.

I would love a barn to work on my art in to be outside and shaded and cooler than the sun with no cover, maybe even a carport! Plein Air Art, I love that term! It means working outside like folks who paint what they see outside on a canvas. Well, maybe not a canvas for me and who know maybe so!  I am learning to go anywhere with what I feel. I even have the sewing machine out and an easel I found to use. I just want to be able to keep them up all the time and able to work with them at a thought's moment! Who doesn't really?

I really would love to find or build a log cabin with solar and a windmill as much as possible. Rain Barrels and Chains that drip with no gutters, I love to hear the rain. I sure do miss Seattle with the Mountains with the Sea in sight, just to look around. That really was paradise like North Carolina when Dog-sitting too. This is where I am river spoiled, hearing it breaking on the stones and the geese flying in overhead, magic in the air for sure!

So, I have my project! I am taking it seriously to really rid my possessions from my buying spurts for the last several years to try and re-sell at a small profit. I have not been very successful as much as I hate to admit it, but most of it has never been listed, and I just bought more all the time. That time has stopped! Well, a lot I hope. I cannot afford it anymore so I must just take a loss and sell as best I can.

I think selling boxes of items is better than just one by one for time reasons, my dear one has said he would help but I have not seen it yet and wonder if I ever will. Even with him being a good typist where I am not. He listed on Amazon where all you need is an ISBN number but that is not how I buy books and magazines and now Amazon sells everything so who knows. I usually go there to read what the publisher says about the books but I like to give as much information and photos as possible. That is what I like when I buy a book to read. But most of my books have been found at Thrift Stores so I never know what I will find. One day it may be many craft magazines, another day pet books. I will get everything as I am hooked on books.

I also find everything when shopping Thrift stores, I loved looking at linens, now and then I find a vintage apron or tablecloth, Name Brand Sheets that I figured I could use for crafting if they did not sell in the first place as listings separately. I love shabby chic and have many pillow shams also, some sets some individual but materials and linens that feel so nice to touch and see.

Even quilts I have found. The prices are up now so I will use what I have as cutter quilts and make what- nots with them. Since I have my sewing machine out! ( Grins) I have soap making equipment and intend on candle making also. Painting is another choice I am doing now and expanding. The trouble is every time I turn around a new product is out to learn about. Chalk painting is big in my mind and I have several items to use with it in mind.

Since I joined" Tip-Nut" and "How - to" Sites, there are so many ideas. I really love" Junk Market Style" as THAT is mainly me.
I save everything! Or, I should say I DID! Now, I am ridding myself of a lot of that stuff. It is stuff until I make something with it. Right! SO, I start making and ridding.... Green Light, GO!

Smiles, Cyndi

I have started at Bonanzle with
frstyfrolk's Dragonfly Dreams

and Etsy with Handmade items

 and Vintage
at frstyfrolk's Dragonfly Dreams

Dragonfly Dreams

This is another thing, I have way to many sites to keep up with.  frstyfrolk was my name back on AOL where I was a chat host for 9 years and I opened my first eBay store with that name and DragonflyDreams is my tax name so I added it also.

Then my first blog was ByLightOfMoon and my followers knew me by that name. I also wanted to open a shop with that name, so I did at etsy Handmade site.

Then I registered all three domain names plus my husbands MyShop4Pets site.

and I started facebook with all names.

Oh, so much chaos!

Smiles, Cyndi
while I go think awhile


  1. Can see you are full of ideas and are busy....a life change is coming with retirement....its on our books too but it will be a few years until we really have to...we both have our health..what we've been talking about is selling our house (hopefully for a profit) and buying a alot of traveling..we did alot before kids and would really like to again....

  2. Hi Cyndi,

    I am loving your blog! I wish had more time right now to really go through it - I've subscribed to your feed though, so I'll be back!

    We've been down-sizing at our house too. We've lived in our home 10 years now. Three children, and ten years later - the possessions have really added up. We're donating most, recycling much, and may sell some of the rest. I can't wait until the clutter's gone, but finding the time is the difficult part.

    Michelle @


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