Thursday, July 29, 2010

Beware of Facebook Marketplace Scammers

I received several of these emails since the weekend when I listed some items in Facebook Marketplace. Please beware fo these if you receive one.

==> Facebook User commented:

"Hello,i am interested to buy your item,is it still available?if yes.tell me the final asking price,and send me more pics via ( xx email address xx ) hope to read from you soon.Thanks"

==> View Your Listing and Respond

When I responded I got these identical emails:


thanks for your reply.i want you to give me the list of all the items you have for sale including their prices may be i will like to buy more of it.i agree to pay the amount you want as final asking price of the item.i am purchasing this item for my mode of payment is Cashier boss will include my commission and the shipping fees in your payment.that means the amount on the payment will be more than the item fees.then you must deduct your fees and send back the rest not worry your self about the shipment.i do have a private shipping company that will come and pick up the item at your address the next day you get the me the full name and address to send out the Check Payment.let me know if you understand that the amount that will be on the payment will be more than your item fees.i want you to close the advert right away.i will add extra $20 in your payment for doing that.let me know if you agree to deduct your fees and send back the left fund as my commission/shipping.make sure you email me the final asking price you want for the item in your reply.

Anyway below are the questions i have for you.

1)Is the item in good condition?

2)Can you make sure you get the Cashier Check cash at your bank in one business day and send the left fund the same day?

3)Do you agree to deduct your item fees and send back the left fund as my commission and shipping fees the day you get the payment?

4)Do you understand that the shipping company will come and pick the item at your address the next day you receive the payment?


Just beware of these!

Smiles, Cyndi


  1. there is alot of this type of thing going on..weird, huh? I never can figure out what the motive I had something odd happen on FB too and had to change my far its ok now....chats were supposedly sent from me to friends with a link attached for some sort of game....I don't chat at all on FB...

  2. Facebook selling has made a huge impact in online shopping, its right as you said. Anyone can easily starts an online shopping in Facebook. Anyway thanks for the article. Really informative.


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