Sunday, October 3, 2010

Welcome to our 2nd Annual Renaissance Faire on Bonanzle!

Welcome to our 2nd Annual Renaissance Faire on Bonanzle!

 Use our Coupon code " renfaire" in any participating shop and enjoy the fall air and leaves falling!  Look around at the gypsy wagons and enjoy the special foods made for you as you wander.

In frstyfrolk's Boutique; Look, Home and Garden Items! 

I hope you find just the items you are looking for. I have some beautiful Bohomenian Muffin Dishes for your berry fruit breads and to use with your Weiss Art Australian Animal place mats.  The Kookaburra and Kangaroo may "Light up the World Globes" of Light with love and maybe a Tin State Plate Clock will adorn your own wagon or home.   We also have a Capitol Dominoes Game and your choice of two little tiny perfect Boho Bag's for the special event you are to attend. Entertain your children with a VHS Fairy Tale and invite Strawberry Shortcake to attend also. There is a Martha Stewart Wedding Planner with a vintage Jukebox Cologne.
Send your friends a Chocolate Chip cookie hand -written note and magnet to show your friendship wear the warm crochet booties on your feet. A Dragonfly Easel can hang in your boudoir or be refrigerator magnet to encourage your journey.
I "Envy" the book readers with Sandra Brown and  I wear my " Shaky Rhinestone Skeleton" pin on my Hat and/or Jacket and I have several to share so get your Crayola Paw Print 's and lets go write on the sidewalks with your color books.

We can also go see DragonflyzDreams and get some vintage fun patterns to make dolls, bunnies, and angels along with felted satchels and purses.

Have a FaBouLous  Visit among the Second Annual Bonanza Renaissance Faire!

Check each store for their coupon codes discounts! 
Smiles, Cyndi

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