Saturday, October 16, 2010

My Crafting Magazines for Sale at DragonflyzDreams on Bonanza

My friend Dani, of  EaglesWings has commented on my previous post and I should let you know I am selling crafting items in my Bonanza Store, DragonflyzDreams. I started this store for ONLY crafting items.  I do wonder the best way to sell  my magazines to recoup some of my money as I will never get to browse through all of them. So many folks save magazine for years that they subscribe to (as I do) and they finally they decide to let them go and recycle them by donating to charities organizations.  

I have so many that I have purchased at Thrifts and Charity Stores.

I have vintage crafting magazines of all kinds to help me learn the craft or for re-sell and share with others.
Here is just a samples of what I have:
Crochet and Knit
General Crafting

 I also have newer magazines of mainly home decorating for inspiration and scrap booking.
Coastal Living
Country Living
Southern Living
Martha Stewart

I have started my DragonflyzDreams Bonanza store for crafting items. Maybe I should look into Yardseller, Thanks for the idea!

I am also signed up  for the EZ Craft Show  under ByLightOfMoon, the name I sell handcrafted items on Etsy
I will be selling crafting supplies here. The show will be active  November 3-17, 2010. Why don't you also sign up to sell at the Craft Show too if you are interested?

Smiles, Cyndi  

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