Saturday, February 12, 2011

Wow, Have I been Gone or What?

Not gone and I hope not forgotten, just busy with cleaning up still and everyday life interruptions! Will they ever stop? I found some neat plastic pull out bins on sale at Wally World and got several. I am replacing my plastic bins with the contents and trying to make better access and also I am taking an inventory of what I have around here. So much to deal with but loving it too! I love touching and seeing what has been hidden in stacked bins for so long!

Now, I am overstocked for sure. I have three bins of ribbons, and I still haven't counted the nature items for jar making, etc. I can't recycle glass at home so I save every one till I take them to the local college to use paving campus roads! I try to keep way too many.

I also have been busy with my "ByLightOfMoon" blog as One World, One Heart event is happening right now. I really hate that I did not include this blog also. I love my graphics here made by a Bonanzle shop lady for my supplies, "DragonflyDreams "shop there. It is still pretty empty also, but I WILL get it filled up!

A funny thing ( funny later, not then) happened yesterday morning when I woke up. I always fall asleep with my glasses on when reading to sleep. I woke up needing to go to the bathroom and did, came back to bed and could not go back to sleep, kind of like this morning also. Anyway, I decided just to get up. When I reached for my glasses which I had missed the glass vase I keep them in, I pushed them down behind the bed table cabinet. I thought they were just in the curtain my cat was behind watching the morning light come as he always does. So, I got up to get them and wow, No Find! Panic, I cannot see but blurs without them!

I got a flashlight to look and see if I could see the wire sparkling and NOT! So, then I decided to get the grabber my husband uses to pick up the paper since his back surgery and still nothing. Ok, I do have many magazines in front of my bedside cabinet so I started putting them on the bed to see from floor level if I could see under the cabinet! They is so much molding on the front floor of the cabinet it is very hard to see inside, so I just inserted the grabber and started pulling out. I got a wet wipe cleaner for my glasses but still no glasses. Nothing! By this time, I had made so much noise putting the mags on the bed, my husband and dogs were awake as well and he reached over to look for me since he can see better. I hated I woke him up, BUT, I needed him and his eyes! He saw noting either! Ok, now I have to move more magazines to pull the cabinet out from the wall to look better. Oh My, I had magazine everywhere. These are the mags I graze through for my altered art media and ideas. So, after we got the cabinet out from the wall some, we looked under it again and finally saw a glitter of the wire frame. Excuse me, HE saw it! Oh, thanks goodness, what would I do if by myself? I am blind without them. I tried wearing contacts last year just for this reason, so when I wake up, I can see something. It is a blur to go to the bathroom and back but I can do that!

Well. Moral of the story is I spent the day organizing my mags by type and taking them outside in the cold to sort out. Oh, I have:

Years of House Beautiful, House and Garden, Traditional Home, Architectural Digest, Country Home, Home, Domino, Country Living, Living, Real Simple, Southern Accents, Coastal Living, Travel and Leisure,

Vogue, Elle, Elle Decor, Vanity Fair, Town and Country, Cottage Living, Domino, Home, Marie Claire, More, Tons of Crafting books and booklets, How - to books, and various amounts of more Titles.

I saw a Vogue on EBay selling for $48.00 bid and reserve at $135.00! Wow, what is happening, it says it is rare. I wrote to ask what is rare about it, maybe I have one somewhere, I hope! It was 2007 Sienna Miller cover and he said it had article by Anna Wintour the editor is why rare, it is possible??? I did research and find that Sienna Miller is in the movie, "Stardust" which I think I just have to see, my kind of movie! Kind of witchy, and fairy like, curses, amulets and more! Thanks for that at least!

Well, I have to get going and get links for you. IT is 7:45Am 24 outside and I have been up since 3AM blogging One World, One Heart on my ByLightOfMoon blog ! I have drunk a pot of coffee myself and Lily is up or was up with me. I think she has even gone back to sleep, it has got light outside as I have been here and I can feel how long I have sat here, not easy for Me.!

June 2010

February 2011

I do have a couple of box lots on eBay as frstyfrolk now for crafting mags and one woodworking. I will be putting more up soon as I can get them listed. I also have some Harriett Tubman photo prints of the Slaves and Underground Railroad; I think they are a fabulous part of history!

Well, I did not find that one, but I have lots more!

Have a Blessed Day, today is Abraham Lincoln 's bithday
Happy Birthday Mr. President!

Smiles, Cyndi


  1. I was wondering how Lily was..she is sure grown into a beautiful cat.....and so lucky you found your glasses....I've done that a couple of times....good thing they weren't damaged, huh? I didn't do the One World, One Heart this year but will visit your other blog..hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Hi Cyndi, its been too long since visiting! Oh, I love your kitty. Funny, I just did a post of our kitty on my blog. Any how, I got rid of a ton of magazines but, still have organizing and cleaning out to do. Does it ever end? lol
    Have a wonderful weekend and Valentine's Day.


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