Friday, April 16, 2010

The Northern Hemisphere Lamp I made

Melissa Howard or Mel How on Junk Market Style made a post about her Globe Lamp she had made.

I had one sitting in the garage without the brass stand so Bingo!, I knew what I would do with it now. I had the green lamp with the tiny flower and I had a red shade on it. This is the perfect lamp for what I need so, Now it is my Northern Hemisphere Lamp Recycled, UpCycled, Reused, ReFashioned.

I totally used Vintage Found Parts I had around my house. I have a Vintage Suitcase just full of old trims, zippers, threads, all kinds of sewing accessories. What a find in itself, I got it in Texas last spring at a garage sale after we left RoundTop, TX to head home.


Of Course my cat Bleu, had to help me make decisions to make this project! Get it at my Etsy shop, BylightOfMoon.

Smiles, Cyndi

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