Saturday, January 23, 2010

Valentine Day Ideas

I love Valentine Day!

It is time to share with one you love a gardening gift, candy, cookies, flowers, fruit,popcorn, and gift baskets of all kinds.

I have been doing a Home Garden area. I started with a Terrarium from a fish aquarium I had and then when I found some ferns and a galvanized tub, I replaced one with another and moved the aquarium to the hallway. The first space was my shower area since I had no space, Sure thing! I just moved the shower curtain back and hung up another rod in front for the plant lights.

Here is one of my display areas:

and as the first one started and got replaced, Grins!

cactus in vintage bowl I found at thrift store

And the terrarium:

Well, it takes just playing around with ideas as things come in and get arranged,my mind just changes the staging display and will continue probably till summer and they can go outside. I really do need a barn!

Now, I am off to make my own Valentine Cards to add to my gifts. This free image was from Penniwig's! I just adore her graphics, she puts one up daily and also make the most unique earrings and rings now in her Etsy shop. I share this one now that I love.

Smiles, Cyndi

Plow and Garden
Plow & Hearth

Unique Gifts for the Home, Hearth, Yard and Garden

1-800-Flowers, you may use skype now


Landscape USA

Gift Baskets, Inc.

Mrs Fields
Mrs. Fields Gifts, Inc

Here are some fabulous places to see for the upcoming Valentine Holiday,21 days away!

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