Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Three Special Places I have found and wish to share with you!

  I was visiting blog from the Etsy Mixed Media Art Team ( mma team) is the tag used. I discovered the most delightful book making blog with Nellie Wortman. She has a video making one of her pages and I was delighted! Nellie's Blog is" Early Morning Thoughts"! She is a fabulous artist and her books are over the top for me as I would love to make one. They are lacy and feminine, using wonderful new or vintage photos, buttons, ephemera,  and what ever you like to work with in your art projects.

She will be teaching a class on-line along with many other artists' making various crafts using many fun ideas at  " The Artful Gathering" event! And we don't have to leave home!

  I signed the registration of $5.00 to save a spot and I can take as many classes as I like during the event period of several weeks.  Take a look at the event and see what classes you might be interested in taking yourself. I have it on  the sidebar to the right. Just click! The Special Event will happen:

 An Event to Remember
July 16th - August 20th
Artful Gathering 2011   


 I also joined a wonderful and delightful group of artists who have been so kind and generous with welcoming me to their group at " Roses on the Table". Click again on the invite to the right side and come look around. You will also love it there. Cristina Zinnia Galliher is the site owner and a Mixed Media Artist/ Instructor. She is one very special  lady! She is awesome and I am sure you will love her too for putting this site together. 

Smiles, Cyndi

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