Thursday, December 3, 2009

New Facebook Badges

I found a new facebook badge that can bring both of my blogs into my facebook page and now I hope all my followers can be united somehow. I will still have to look into how to get them all together. I am always updating and changing for the better I hope, since sometimes I make widgets with the first thing I see.

Just like twitter, I have changed the look several times as I see new ones on other folks blogs. They are fun and always making new ones.

The more I try to make my blog better, changing things sometimes brings aggravation.

My husband has been helping me add some merchandise back to ebay. I only have auctions and Buy it now and have not re-opened my storefront that I used to have. I am just trying to save some money. We will just watch and see if I need the storefront again. Maybe I can try ecrater or another free site. I am doing well with etsy making sales now and then. But, I really need a place for new and vintage goods.

I don't know why I can't make any sales with bonanzle. I practically give things away with 50% off and still no sales.

But, I do have a giveaway blg to share with you , I use Tim Holtz products and have a couple of his books. He has tutorials making TAGS for his Christmas daily give
aways so, so see his blog and see his tricks and fun ideas! I have most of the products he uses but found one I think I need to cut a coupon for with my craft store.

I did list my handmade puzzle earrings on My ByLightOfMoon etsy shop yesterday. I have more to list and more to make. They are fun to play around with. I have lots of ideas with fabric to make also. IJust need to get started.
Well for now, have a Fabulous Fall/Winter Day. I love needing a jacket with the cooler temperatures. Ohh, maybe snow flakes by Saturday, I am smiling big time!
Grins, Cyndi

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  1. I have the same problem, Cyndi..I make little if anything on Bonanzle and sporadic sales on Etsy.....sigh....its hard to know what to do..the few times I've used Ebay have been kinda blah...


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