Sunday, November 8, 2009

New Work Blog for what I Sell on a Fall Sunday

I have a boatload of materials and fun things I have purchased over the last few years as I go crazy with finding vintage and cheap, even new if out there, just whatever is available that I think will be good to re-sale to someone or to use the materials in something I will make in my art, which is fractured now as I have not spent any time on it. I speak of it today on my other ME BLOG, My Alter ego is ByLightOfMoon and I take you to the Moss Rock Festival in Hoover, Alabama that I attended yesterday.

I had an awesome time and need to get some things out of my house to make room for me to just do my art and be a real person again. I have bought and bought over the years till I have no more $$$ to buy so now I have to Sell, sell, just to make room.

Today I listed some nice sweaters and PJ'S, pajamas, circus, carnival, fun things to make you dream of cotton candy and whirl through the circus tents to an ice craem social in your dreams.

I also have some neat clogs mule shoes I can't wear anymore so I listed them on Bonanzle and my husband is listing Quackers Jackets on Ebay. SO I suppose we are really getting down to business today as It is beautiful outside, getting a little chilly outside. Maybe a pot of chili or something easy. The Nascar race is on and I have not really even followed it this season. Go Kasey Kayne. They are speaking of him. Maybe he will win today! Okey, Go Kayse Kayne! 65 laps to go! Texas Speedway!

I have to get back to listing...
Smiles, Cyndi

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